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Gay Marriage Protects Marriage

The rainbow White House

The rainbow White House

Mamma, don’t let your daughters grow up to marry gay cowboys.

That’s from a headline I once saw.

You could reverse that:

Mamma, don’t let your gay sons grow up to marry girls.

I get that. Because some of my friends have tried it. Except for the cowboy part. Read the rest of this entry

Brock Turner, Omar Mateen and the Domination Mindset


Yearning to be on top.

Brock Turner and Omar Mateen both share a domination mindset.

Brock Turner

  • Men dominate women
  • Turner raped a female acquaintance. Because men have a right to control women’s bodies
  • Research ties rape to a belief in male superiority and entitlement
  • Turner has promised to fight “promiscuity,” which really means “promiscuous women.” People don’t worry much about “promiscuous men.”

Read the rest of this entry

Asexual But (Sometimes) Romantic

AsexualityBy Trent Law

All my life sexuality has been like a joke I don’t understand.

I am asexual but demi-romantic.

That means I have no desire for sex but I do feel romantic attraction to people I form a bond with. Read the rest of this entry

Omar Mateen, Homophobic Homosexual? (Too unhappy to be gay)

Victims of shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Victims of shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Some wonder: Is Omar Mateen, who massacred gay men at a nightclub, a homophobic homosexual (too unhappy to be gay)?

I recently posted on a study showing that straight men who aren’t homophobic don’t get too aroused by gay porn.  Read the rest of this entry

Homophobic Homosexuals (too unhappy to be gay)

Homophobia 2These homosexuals, they’ll trick ya. They’ll find out what kind of music ya like, what candy ya like, then they’ll invite you down to their house.

That’s what Tina Fey’s high school health teacher had warned her class about. Read the rest of this entry

Religious Liberty Trampling Other Liberties

Only women who are nuns get religious liberty?

Only women who are nuns get religious liberty?

Some folks try to use their own religious rights to tramp down everyone else’s.

A couple examples:

  • Contraception: Powerful people who don’t believe in birth control refuse to cover contraception thru their organization’s insurance
  • Gay marriage: No cake-baking for gay weddings if you’re against homosexuality

Apparently, religious rights are more important than any other kind. Read the rest of this entry

Homophobes Aroused by Gay Porn

Homophobia 2You’d think homophobic men would be the least likely to get aroused by homoerotic images.

Think again.

Researchers at the University of Georgia surveyed young men on the degree of homophobia they felt, as measured by their self-described levels of aversion to gay men, and specifically, the intensity of “dread” they experienced interacting with them. Read the rest of this entry

Sexual Fluidity & Emotional Connection

Sexual Fluidity by Lisa Diamond

Sexual Fluidity by Lisa Diamond

Women seem to be more sexually fluid than men. Why?

One reason might involve the way we tie sex and emotional connection together for women.

Not to mention that women are more likely to become deeply connected to same sex friends. Read the rest of this entry

Sexual Orientation and Sexual Abuse

Sexual orientationGays and lesbians are a bit more likely to have been sexually assaulted than others.

Are abusers more likely to target them? Or does something about the attack affect them, or how they see themselves? Read the rest of this entry

Biology + Environment = Gay or Straight

LGBTMost researchers believe that both genetic and environmental factors (biological and social) play a role in forming sexual orientation.

They are not quite sure how it all comes together.

A variety of things point to someone being “more likely” to be gay, but none of the following are determinative: Read the rest of this entry

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