What To Do When She Loses Interest

loving coupleA lot of men get bummed out when their partners stop being porn stars after a few years.

Heck, after a few years many women aren’t too interested in sex at all, let alone mimicking skin starlets.

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Testosterone Damages Verbal Skill. Yet We Have Shakespeare



Penn State psychologists assert that career choice begins in utero, hinging on exposure to sex hormones in the womb.

Since testosterone damages both verbal and social skills, it simply makes sense that women would seek people-oriented jobs, while testosterone-soaked males would veer toward non-people pursuits like the hard sciences, right?  Read the rest of this entry

Blondes: Picky as Men Who Prefer them?

Jayne Mansfield, blonde bombshell

Jayne Mansfield, blonde bombshell

I’m still regarded a libidinous lad by a lot of (especially buxom blonde) ladies, so this muscular, boyishly handsome 5’8 black 58-year-old ALMOST ALWAYS ogles well-endowed women because I’m proud to be considered an aging lad!!!! How ’bout it, girls?

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Using Insults To Pick Up Women

The pick up artist game

The pick up artist game

Men may have success using insults to pick up women — if both the men and the women involved are misogynists, say researchers. Read the rest of this entry

High Minimum Wage Boosts Economy

As Labor Day approaches think about this:

Does raising the minimum wage kill jobs?

Doesn’t look like it. Read the rest of this entry

F- The Patriarchy. Literally?

Screw the patriarchy. Literally?

Screw the patriarchy. Literally?

A married, non-monogamous friend of mine says I should be non-monogamous, too.

Because exclusive relationships were instituted to dominate women’s sexuality.

I’ve heard this line before. But not from someone who could personally benefit from it. Read the rest of this entry

Why Women Stop Being Porn Stars

How to make love like a porn star

How to make love like a porn star

At the beginning of relationships even the prudest women act like porn stars. We get BJs in the car (and many other places). But after a few months or years we can’t even get a BJ in bed. Or only after much begging and maybe even manipulation, which leaves us feeling like undesirable, pathetic fools. That’s just one example… Every married man that I have spoken to says women become more prudish over the course of a relationship…

A woman who is willing to explore her sexual boundaries and become more sexually adventurous throughout the course of the relationship will never be abandoned or cheated on by a man. TRY IT! YOU WILL SEE.

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Colleges Need Quotas Favoring Men?

Female privilege versus male privilege

Female privilege versus male privilege

By  @ The Ms. Magazine Blog

Every year as a new school semester begins, someone writes an ominous article about the fact that more women are graduating from college these days than men.

The latest hand-wringing salvo comes from famed anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, and it’s a doozy. Schlafly wrote on World Net Daily that not only is this imbalance bad for men, but also for women, since a dearth of males on campus puts a crimp in women’s plans to find husbands, leading them instead to pursue meaningless sex. Schlafly writes: Read the rest of this entry

I Didn’t Come From Your Rib. You Came From My Vagina.

I didn't come from your rib. You came from my vagina

I didn’t come from your rib. You came from my vagina

Once upon a time we imagined God as The Goddess.

Women give birth, and so from the goddess worlds were born.

But once we knew the role men played the goddess birthed a son who grew to become her lover and consort. And from these two worlds were born.

Later, gods overtook goddesses. And eventually, from God the world was born. (Why this pattern? I’ll discuss it later.)

And these patriarchal types have been trying to control women’s reproduction ever since.

But PsychoSuperMom is here to remind us that:

I didn’t come from your rib. You came from my vagina.

Video here: Read the rest of this entry

No Longer Fearing Female Viagra

mag-26Desire-t_CA2-articleLargeScientists developing Lybrido, aka “Female Viagra,” had once fretted that the pill might work too well.

That’s right, some feared that Lybrido could create orgasm-hungry, sex-craved nymphomaniacs who cheated on husbands and splintered society. Read the rest of this entry

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