Comment Policy

I generally find comment policies annoying, but since I’ve been asked about them, here it is, annoying or not.

Comments I don’t post:

  1. Rude, mean, cranky, whiny, misogynistic, racist, ridiculous, cynical, unintelligible… A waste of time, so I stop reading and hit “delete” before I learn that you may have a nugget that’s interesting enough to post after editing out the crap. You can disagree, but you must be polite
  2. Hurtful, whether intended or not
  3. Having little or nothing to do with the post
  4. Nonsense, gibberish. Unless it is widely believed nonsense or gibberish
  5. You seem only interested in arguing, and not listening and considering other sides
  6. Telling me: “You said x but you don’t say y.” If y is substantive enough to need its own post, of course I didn’t (because the point would need its own post) and your comment comes across as just trying to find something to criticize. If that’s the best critique you can come up with I’ll take it as a compliment and move on. If you would like me to write more about something, let me know without the whining
  7. So long that people need their own blogs… I don’t have the patience to get through them
  8. Long, but if I skimmed enough to find something interesting, I’ll post that part
  9. Repetitive. But if you have one new substantive thing to say (and I get to it before I stop reading), I’ll edit my last response to you cover that point
  10. Commenter is taking too much of my time
  11. Trolls. But if the comment reflects widespread (mis)understandings I will address it – perhaps with editing
  12. Can’t figure out that a sentence or title like, “the world is flat” doesn’t literally mean that
  13. Comment is snarky, know-it-all smarty-pants who scolds/talks down to others. You can make your point without the attitude. But if I manage to read enough before deleting and feel you make a substantial point or that it reflects a widespread misunderstanding or a perspective I feel needs to be presented, then I will edit out the offending part and answer the question
  14. Someone who is trying to sound “so smart” when they are actually—deliberately or not–misreading or sloppily reading. For example, comments that make distinctions in definition that are irrelevant. Or comments suggesting I’ve said something that I haven’t. For example: “feminists aren’t a monolith so I disagree,” yet the post/research said nothing of the sort. The research talked about “averages,” not “everyone”
  15. Comments that don’t make sense. I can’t follow the line of argument.
  16. Otherwise, I rarely approve comments the second they come in. Approval may take 24 hours or more if it’s the weekend or I’m on vacation or very busy
  1. I can’t stop commenting
    I’m so sorry! Haha. But I feel like I struck gold finding your blog. I won’t comment much more but I can’t help it! Love it. Thank you

  2. In case I have not mentioned it before, terrific blog.

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