BroadBlogs Comment Policy:

I generally find comment policies annoying, but since I’ve been asked about them, here’s mine, annoying or not.

Comments I don’t post:

  1. Rude, mean, snarky, nonsense, trolls. Hurtful, whether intended or not
  2. Having little or nothing to do with the post
  3. Too long or repetitive. Maybe you need your own blog.
  4. Can’t figure out that a sentence or title like, “the world is flat” doesn’t literally mean that.
  5. Otherwise, I rarely approve comments the second they come in. Approval may take 24 hours or more if it’s the weekend or I’m on vacation or very busy
  1. I can’t stop commenting
    I’m so sorry! Haha. But I feel like I struck gold finding your blog. I won’t comment much more but I can’t help it! Love it. Thank you

  2. In case I have not mentioned it before, terrific blog.

  3. I just wanted to tell you I really like your blog. :)

    Although the stories upset me greatly, I find great hope in your writing. It’s rare to see such insightful (at the same time heartfelt) thoughts being expressed.

    Please keep up the wonderful work!

    • Thanks so much. But I do try to make the blog fun some of the time, too, by writing on things like sexuality and gendered hairstyles, for instance.

      • Yes, those are quite fun to read !

        Just out of concern, how many hateful/inflammatory responses do you receive for your work? How many people genuinely empathize with your cause?

        What is your source of inspiration and hope in running this blog ? :)

      • Since it’s a feminist blog I’ve been surprised at how little hate I get. I thought I’d get a lot more and on a regular basis. And it’s rarely personal. I’ve been doing my blog for about five years and I can only think of a handful of comments that were hateful toward me personally — weird, I know. Maybe people don’t waste their time writing stuff that won’t get published? Sometimes men will complain about women, generally (as opposed to me personally), and I usually won’t post that either unless it is relevant to “Men who hate pretty women” — because some people don’t believe that men actually feel that way — so I post the comments and then thank the guys for doing their part to make my point. I do make a few exceptions on other posts when men say something that is widely believed and I would like to address it.

        My view is that I cannot change people’s minds. I can only offer a perspective that will allow people to see things from a different perspective and allow them to consider changing their minds. And I hope to help women and men understand each other better.

        So I end up posting just about everything I get. You can take a look at the comments and judge for yourself the level of empathy. I would say they’re generally empathetic.

        There are some people who write in and disagree with me at first, But many come to see things from a new perspective overtime. Others just give up and quit commenting. And a few register their disagreement from time to time. You can take a look at the comments and see this for yourself.

        You’ll notice that I don’t write only on political issues. I also write a lot on sex and relationships — usually from a feminist perspective. But when you have a blog title like “should women give men the porn star experience?” You get an audience beyond feminists — which is important to me because I don’t want to just preach to the choir. Although I do also want to preach to the choir because a lot of feminists aren’t sure how to articulate their perspective, And I do want to help spread the word.

  4. It’s quite surprising and nice to hear that a lot of people are appreciating your work… (I always thought you spent lots of time clearing out troll comments, hehe!)

    It’s a great achievement if you can get us thinking about their own attitudes, forget making a radical change. It’s very heartwarming.
    Please continue your good work. :)

    • Thank you!

      With the number of reasons I give for not posting comments, I guess it seems like I must spend a lot of time with trolls. But there’s just a lot of reasons why I won’t post a comment. And I do believe I’ve thought of all of them.

  5. Its a Very Good Post on Comment, Commentary and Commenting Structure.
    Hats Off!!
    I Follow You !!!

  6. Here is a link to a sad, sad, sad Twitter account that also happens to be a wry look on gender:^tfw

    • Sadly, indeed. I’ve been reading “the Chalice and the Blade,” Which talks about dominance versus partnership societies. People who promote dominance don’t seem to be very happy, And I don’t know how they could be. There is a whole world of partnership and happiness that is available, But they would rather be worked up all the time, apparently.

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