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Care-Less Sex  

Couldn't care less sex

Couldn’t care less sex

Hook-up sex should be careless. You’re not supposed to:

  • carefully think about whether to have sex
  • choose your partner carefully
  • care for your partner

Ideally, you could care less in hook-up culture, says sociologist, Lisa Wade, who has studied sex on college campuses.  Read the rest of this entry

Strong Men Can’t Cope With Breakups?

Kelsey Annese, killed by enraged ex-boyfriend.

Kelsey Annese, killed by enraged ex-boyfriend.

Why do some men feel like it’s a male thing to be “stronger than a woman,” but when a relationship ends, it’s often the man who “can’t cope”?

Why do some guys handle their distress with violence?

Why do some men feel entitled, yet have such low self-esteem that they explode after a breakup?

“Bob” asked me those questions after a recent double murder-suicide: Read the rest of this entry

Ogling: Boys Will Be Boys?

Boys will be boys?

Boys will be boys?

“Boys will be boys,” said one third of the women who answered my survey on ogling.

The survey asked why some men stare at women’s body parts. Most of these women said their partner’s lingering eyes bothered them at least a little. But if men are “just that way,” maybe they’re less annoyed? Read the rest of this entry

Can Men and Women be Friends?

Harry told Sally that men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.

The question remains.

Short answer: Yes, they can.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be romantic undertones; in fact, there usually are. Typically, “he” starts a relationship hoping for sex, but “she” isn’t interested. Yet he stays friends because he likes her. And he’s often expecting that more will come of it. Read the rest of this entry

The Myth of Hookup Culture

Hookup culture is a myth?

Hookup culture is a myth?

College students are having sex, but not as much as you might think. And most of them are kind of disappointed about the whole thing.

Read the rest of this entry

Who Has a Higher Sex Drive?

While some women want more sex than their partners, generally the pattern goes the other way.


Researchers at Indiana University say, Read the rest of this entry

Am I “Doing It” Right?

Hannah and Adam from HBO's Girls

Hannah and Adam from HBO’s Girls

HBO’s “Girls” is an exploration of young women’s sexuality today, so I was struck by a scene that the New York Times’ Frank Bruni described as being all about what “he” wants “her” to do:

(“Hannah’s”) back is to her boyfriend, who seems to regard her as an inconveniently loquacious halfway point between partner and prop, and her concern is whether she’s correctly following instructions.

‘So I can just stay like this for a little while?’ she asks. ‘Do you need me to move more?’

Read the rest of this entry

ED: The Best Thing to Happen to Intimacy

intimate sexualityBy Michael J. Russer @ The Good Men Project

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the best thing to happen to me and my intimacy.

There, I said it. Actually, I say it a lot. On radio, TV, print, online and occasionally gatherings (it’s a great way to quiet a room down if things get rowdy). If some guy had made the same claim to me just two years ago, I would have thought he was either insane or just messing with me. Being fully impotent (i.e. can’t get it up to save my life, even with the pills) is not something most men would be willing to discuss. Or for that matter, even comfortable listening to men talk about. The way some men react, you would think that my “condition” is contagious.  Read the rest of this entry

Sex Objects Who Don’t Enjoy Sex

Self-objectification, defined.

Laci Green defines self-objectification.

Sexual objectification can have its perks in the bedroom, with breast fetishes and butt fetishes heightening men’s arousal.

But surprisingly, it can have the opposite effect, harming both men’s and women’s enjoyment. And in many ways. Here’s one: self-objectification. Read the rest of this entry

Feminism Is Good For Men, Too

Gender equality is good for men — and for everyone, says CUNY Professor, Michael Kimmel, expert on men and masculinity, and all-around good guy.

Check out his TED Talk. (I summarize his main points below — and add a few of my own.)


How is gender equality good for men? And for everyone? Read the rest of this entry

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