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His & Hers Objectification

Check out the side-by-side comparisons that show how strange it is when women and men get the same sex object treatment:

Women don’t seem to objectify men the way men do women.

It’s not that we’re any better. We just aren’t bombarded by a steady stream of sexualized and fetishized men and man-parts — that unconsciously seep into our brains. Thus, when men are turned into sex objects, it can look ridiculous.

But why’s objectification a problem? Read the rest of this entry

“You run like a girl!” That’s a bad thing?

You're a girl, Hermione

You’re a girl, Hermione

“You’re a girl.”

Is that a good thing or bad thing?

More than half the population are girls, or were girls. And girls can kick butt.

But some people don’t seem to think it’s such a good thing.

I was watching the movie, “Sweet November,” with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, where a little boy is taunted, “Your girl!” for making a small-ish boat.

Really, girls can make badass boats!

Or, Arnold Schwarzenegger called George H.W. Bush’s presidential opponents “a bunch of girlie men” back in ’88.  Read the rest of this entry

World Cup Fever Ups My Man-Quotient

I love soccer

I love soccer

By Alexander Medvedenko

American men haven’t said a word about soccer all year. And now we are all obsessed with the World Cup. FIFA “experts” have come out of the woodwork and Facebook posts are filled with tournament analysis. Guys have a favorite team, know the stats, and wear team jerseys — even if the team is not in the Cup.

When the World Cup ends it’ll be 11 months before you hear the word “soccer” again in the States.

It seems guys are basically lying to each other, talking it up even though few are really into the sport. Read the rest of this entry

If Gender’s Learned, Why Do You Feel You’re Born in the Wrong Body?

Wodaabe men of Niger

Wodaabe men of Niger

Tami Hamilton recently wrote about the intersexed babies that her niece gave birth to. Since their sex was indeterminate the doctors chose to make them into girls. One child has thrived, the other has not. The whole experience leaves Tami wondering whether gender identity is grounded in biology or sociology.

Some parents have hidden the sex of their children, hoping to offer them a wide range of experience and keep them outside limiting boxes. Like the Canadian couple who are raising their child “Storm,” sex unknown. Or the British couple who only announced the sex of their son, Sasha when he entered kindergarten. These kids were allowed to play with or wear whatever they like. Read the rest of this entry

Nature Creates More Than Two Sexes

Intersexed individuals have genital ambiguity and/or gene combinations other than XY-male and XX-female

Intersexed individuals have genital ambiguity and/or gene combinations other than XY-male and XX-female

By Tami Hamilton

We recognize only two sexes. Nature does not.

My niece, Leah, has two children who were born intersexed. Meaning that doctors could not tell whether they were male or female at birth.

Her physicians told her that surgery was needed, and she trusted her doctors’ advice. Actually, it was not even a question but an expectation that her babies would be surgically altered.

So both of them were made female. Their enlarged clitorises were reduced and their vaginal openings made large enough to be girls. The children were also prescribed hormones to help them fill the female role they’d now been assigned. Leah’s two little ones will continue to endure years of vaginal dilation to stretch to enlarge their vaginas.  Read the rest of this entry

Natural Bodies Are Hard Work

muscle manby Lisa Wade, PhD @ Sociological Images

We commonly hear claims that men are naturally more muscular and physically intimidating than women.  “It’s a biological fact,” someone might say.  If that were true, though, we wouldn’t have to work so incredibly hard to make it so.

@IllMakeItMyself sent in this great example of the way in which we are pushed to force our bodies into a gender binary that we pretend is natural.  On the upper right part of the Men’s Health cover, it reads: “Add 15lb of muscle” and, right next door on the Women’s Health cover, it reads “5 ways to lose 15 lbs.”  Read the rest of this entry

Cross-Dressing Pleasure and Pain

Miss Rose Beauty Pageant

Miss Rose Beauty Pageant

Musing on the enchantments of the cross-dressing “Miss Rose Beauty Pageant,” artist and transvestite, Grayson Perry opines,

That’s when the fantasies take flight… (but also) I thought: ooh, there’s a lot of pain in this room…They were doing their best to meet their own very emotional needs…

I slightly cringe when people say “Oh, it’s just a bit of fun,” because these guys are risking often their marriages, their careers, their relationship with their children and their neighbors — not to mention their bank balance sometimes, with the size of their wardrobes.

Read the rest of this entry

Elliott Roger Blames Women For Patriarchy’s Problems

Elliot Roger

Elliot Roger

Women have control over which men get sex and which men don’t. Feminism is evil.

And so Elliot Roger blames women for his own problems — and for problems created by patriarchy — as he justifies his sad, horrifying, screwed up human hunting spree.

But then, if everyone else weren’t to blame, he would have to feel bad about himself.

Ironically, patriarchy — and not feminism — is the source of the particular problem he cites above.  Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Be Kind To Everyone

By Sandra Arias

novoiceWhat did your parents teach you that you won’t teach your kids?

A young woman answered, “My parents always told me to be kind to everyone. I won’t teach my children that. It’s not always good to be kind to everyone.”

She was so young, but she knew this. Why did it take me so long to learn?

That’s from Debra Anna Davis’ piece, “Betrayed by the Angel.”

It takes me back to a time when I too was young, shy, and intimidated by boys. I didn’t know why I was a target. I was polite, spoke when spoken to, and never caused a scene. I thought being a good girl would keep problems at bay. But it made me weak.

I am a different person today.

If only I had known then what I know now.  Read the rest of this entry

Gender MashUp at Anime Conventions

smash 2!!!By Demon Ted

Wanna see a gender-bending mashup? The world turned round? Or at least halfway around? Then check out an Anime Convention.

Anime is Japanese cartooning — a stylized way of drawing that appeals to every gender. At the conventions fans dress as their favorite characters. It’s called “cosplay” from costume + play.

The conventions are remarkably egalitarian, and possibly tilting toward matriarchy.

Read the rest of this entry

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