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What’s Wrong With Objectification?

obectification 1I can’t appreciate an attractive woman without objectifying her? Because I don’t see her as a whole person? Because I don’t know her likes and dislikes? Her hopes and dreams? If she owns a dog?

A man asked me that question when I made a distinction between “sex object” and “sexy.”

Sexual objectification isn’t about being sexy or sexual so much as being sexy for someone else while you don’t matter. Read the rest of this entry

Did You Choose To Be Straight?

When did you choose to be straight?

When did you choose to be straight?

When did you choose to be straight?

That’s a question gays and lesbians pose when they’re asked, “When did you choose to be gay? Or lesbian?”

Is sexual orientation chosen?

Have a look at some research.  Read the rest of this entry

LDS Kids Punished for “Sins” of LGBTQ Parents

LDS Temple, Salt Lake City

LDS Temple, Salt Lake City

I grew up Mormon, and I’m dispirited by a new policy announced last week:

Mormon children of same-sex couples can no longer be blessed as babies, baptized, ordained to the priesthood, serve missions or join the LDS church until they turn 18. And only then if they leave their homes and disavow their parent’s same-sex relationship.

The Salt Lake Tribune writes about Nick Literski, a gay man from Seattle, who feels physically shaken by the news. Read the rest of this entry

Who Has a Higher Sex Drive?

While some women want more sex than their partners, generally the pattern goes the other way.


Researchers at Indiana University say, Read the rest of this entry

Feminist, Daniel Craig


Daniel Craig as 007 in Spectre

The world’s suavest spy would appear to be an unlikely standard bearer for feminism; until now.

Or so says the Telegraph.

Daniel Craig calls James Bond a misogynist.

And he doesn’t want to play him again. Or more specifically:

I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists… All I want to do is move on.

But he’s worked to make the Bond franchise more feminist. Read the rest of this entry

“Suffragette” Says Stop Respecting Fear Over Need



• What are the tyrannies you swallow?

• What do you need to say?

• What are the words you do not yet have?

In the days after undergoing a biopsy to see whether a tumor taken from her breast was malignant, Audre Lorde examined her life.

What she most regretted were her silences. Read the rest of this entry

Am I “Doing It” Right?

Hannah and Adam from HBO's Girls

Hannah and Adam from HBO’s Girls

HBO’s “Girls” is an exploration of young women’s sexuality today, so I was struck by a scene that the New York Times’ Frank Bruni described as being all about what “he” wants “her” to do:

(“Hannah’s”) back is to her boyfriend, who seems to regard her as an inconveniently loquacious halfway point between partner and prop, and her concern is whether she’s correctly following instructions.

‘So I can just stay like this for a little while?’ she asks. ‘Do you need me to move more?’

Read the rest of this entry

Witch Burning = Misogyny

witchesLast October, my neighbor stretched synthetic cobwebs among the branches of her tree. Against this creepy backdrop, she hung a broomstick and a badly made female figure, clearly a witch. The sight made me wince.

How did we evolve to find this display lightly amusing? Our forbearers did hang women from trees.

Read the rest of this entry

Sexy Men Can Seem Gay

Men in Speedos. Sexy? Or gay?

Men in Speedos. Sexy? Or gay?

Imagine men in Speedos plastered all over billboards, drawing your attention to this product or that.

Sexy? Or does it seem kind of gay?

A lot of women think it seems kind of gay. But why is that? Read the rest of this entry

Taylor Swift V Ryan Adams: Who Wore It Better?

Taylor v Ryan: Who wore it better?

Taylor v Ryan: Who wore it better?

Ryan Adams totally copied Taylor Swift’s “1989” album — including the title. And now there’s controversy over to who deserves credit for the “depth” and “complexity” of Adams’ cover?

Okay, Ryan didn’t merely copy her. He did bring his own style to her music and lyrics.

But really? Maybe he deserves ALL the credit for his album’s profundity? Read the rest of this entry

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