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Cindy Crawford Makes Me Feel Inadequate

Cindy CrawfordI recently asked my students to write down their thoughts on a nude-ish picture of Cindy Crawford to see if attitudes had changed since sociologist, Beth Eck, studied reactions more than a decade ago.

Dr. Eck found that these images made women feel bad about their own bodies.

Do they still? Read the rest of this entry

Women React to Sexy Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford on Rolling Stone cover

Cindy Crawford on Rolling Stone cover

Want to know how women and men experience skin-revealing images of men and women?

I recently asked my students to write down what thoughts came to mind when looking at nearly-nude pictures of Cindy Crawford and Sly Stallone.

My participants included 35 straight women and 19 straight men, from three different women’s studies classes that met during the 2014-15 school year. I surveyed them on the second or third day of class.

First, let’s look at how women experienced Cindy. Read the rest of this entry

Girls Bullying Girls Who Are “Too Pretty”

Lady Gaga says bullying is for losers

Lady Gaga says Bullying is for losers

I’m told I’m good-looking, but I think I’m more average. But that could be a remnant of how often I was bullied in middle and high school.

That’s from a woman who commented on my blog.

But being bullied doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive.

Plenty of women are bullied because they’re “too pretty.” Read the rest of this entry

Casual Sex Distresses Women?

The double standard

The double standard

Women who do casual sex are, on average, more distressed than other women.

Men who do casual sex are, on average, more confident than other men.

That’s what sociologists, Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker, found as they researched their book, Premarital Sex in America.

That means the double standard is neither good nor bad. It just is. They say. Read the rest of this entry

Loose Women Don’t Wear Corsets

The corset

The corset

Plenty of women’s fashions restrict them — intended or not — whether we’re talking girdles, spiked heels, bound feet, or wearing curlers to bed (who can sleep?!)

And how about that corset?

This ubiquitous pre-20th-century garment was so tightly laced that organs could be pushed around. And they promoted lung disease. Those things were not comfy!

Despite the health risks, some 19th century doctors believed that women’s bodies were too weak to hold themselves up, so they needed the contraption. (Scientists of the time also thought that education shrunk a woman’s womb!) Read the rest of this entry

Average Bust Size Is DD?

Bra inflation?

Bra inflation?

The average American cup size has gone from 34 B in 1983 to a whopping 34 DD in 2013.

This story was widely picked up.

But is it true? Read the rest of this entry

Treated Kindly, He Became Kind

Rick Genest

Rick Genest

By Lisa Wade, Ph.D. @ Sociological Images

Studies show that people will often act in ways consistent with how they are treated.

Therefore, treating someone according to a stereotype will likely produce behavior that confirms the stereotype. This is called a self-fulfilling stereotype.

Consider Rick Genest. Read the rest of this entry

Sex Objects Who Don’t Enjoy Sex

Self-objectification, defined.

Laci Green defines self-objectification.

Sexual objectification can have its perks in the bedroom, with breast fetishes and butt fetishes heightening men’s arousal.

But surprisingly, it can have the opposite effect, harming both men’s and women’s enjoyment. And in many ways. Here’s one: self-objectification. Read the rest of this entry

Women Making Love to Themselves

Are you turned on?

Are you turned on?

Being desired is the orgasm.

That’s true for women, anyway. So says Marta Meana, who studies sexuality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Women are most turned on by feeling irresistible to their lovers, she adds. Read the rest of this entry

The Most Important Thing For a Woman: Be Hot

Las Vegas billboard

Las Vegas billboard

Many young women think that the most important thing is to be hot. And in a very narrow way.

It’s no wonder. They’re bombarded by narrowly sexy images.

Go to Google Images and type “sexy images” or “sexy fantasies.” About 99% of the pics will be of women.

What? Men aren’t sexy?

And why do they all look alike. Isn’t variety the spice of life?

Go to Las Vegas and take a look at the billboards. About 99% will be sexy ladies. Read the rest of this entry

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